Candle Sizing

4 oz. Amber Jar (net wax wt. 3.5oz)

Height x Diameter: 2.4" x 2.4" 

Our 4oz amber jar is the perfect size for a small space, like a bathroom or home office. We also think it is great as a travel candle to bring with you a familiar slice of home when you are out of town! Approximate burn time is 20-25 hours.

9 oz. Amber Jar (net wax wt. 7.2oz)

Height x Diameter: 3.5” x 2.9”

Our medium sized 9oz amber jar is a great value with long soy wax burn times (approx. 40-50hrs!) and a great scent throw! The 9oz amber jar will work well in many spaces throughout your home or office. For those who are looking to fill a large open space with beautiful scent, might we suggest our…

16 oz. Amber Jar (net wax wt. 14oz)

Height x Diameter: 3.3” x 4.2”

Our large, double wick 16oz amber jar is great for those looking fill larger spaces with scent. As always, ensure the melt pool has reached the edges of the jar before extinguishing, for maximum longevity of your candle. Approximate burn time is 40-50hrs.